Post-secondary education comes with a lot of "what-ifs." What if I don't get in? What if I don't pass my exams? What if I don't get the results I need? But the biggest and most nerve-wracking "what if" actually comes after graduation: What if I don't get a job?

While we don't expect to get a free pass to a job after graduating from a post-secondary institution, securing employment is almost always the number one reason why we enrol in the first place.  And keep in mind, working as a bartender, receptionist or bike courier probably isn't exactly what anyone has in mind after graduating from college or university with a degree.

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So what if you could avoid the prospect of not being able to get a job, or getting one completely unrelated to your degree, after graduation? That's where the British Columbia Institute of Technology comes in. 

One of BC's largest post-secondary institutions, BCIT is a polytechnic post-secondary that has provided education to the province for over 50 years. But the best part? 96% of BCIT Business degree graduates are employed! 

So what puts BCIT Business in such a unique position to ensure that so many of their grads find employment after attending the school? The business programs here excel in giving students hands-on experience, leading them to employment after graduation related to their study field. And students don't have to worry about whether or not they'll be provided with practical and up to date training - BCIT Business instructors are industry experienced.

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If you're thinking about a career in marketing (it is one of the most popular career destinations for newly qualified graduates, after all), BCIT offers five distinct two-year programs within the Marketing Management field to help you land your perfect job: Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Marketing Communications, Sales and Tourism Management. All their programs are tailored to teach you exactly what you need to know - and more - to thrive in the field!

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BCIT's Marketing Communications program, for example, immerses students in the fast-paced world of marketing with real-world experience and hands-on training, including a 10-week internship within an organization's internal marketing department. Because this program works so closely with industry professionals, you'll have access to the most current information in a rapidly changing industry, as well as networking opportunities to help begin your career. In fact, about 75% of program graduates begin work in the field immediately after graduation. 

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If you're after a sales career, the BCIT Professional Sales diploma program is one of the most respected in Canada. The program prepares students for a career in the dynamic field of business-to-business selling, teaching students how to apply proven sales methods, develop sales strategies and implement marketing skills. A 10-week work experience practicum in the final term of the two year program also allows students to build valuable 'on the job' experience. Graduates of this program are so sought after by industry professionals that, on average, 70% of students receive job offers.

Is travel and tourism more up your alley? BCIT's Tourism Management program provides students with the right training to get a job in one of the world's most profitable industries. This is BC's only business-focused tourism marketing program, and in it you'll receive rigorous, comprehensive training in all aspects of tourism like social media promotion and event planning. 

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But no matter what program you choose, you just know you're going to be in good hands. BCIT's industry professionals and hands-on education ensures you're going to be workforce ready as soon as you graduate!

Enrol in a full-time program at or check out BCIT's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more info.