When you think of animals that are in need of help, your mind probably goes straight to cats and dogs. However, some people have other types of pets that they can't take care of, and those animals often need a special kind of care. That's why you can find an exotic bird sanctuary in Georgia where you can show these feathery friends a bit of love. 

This sanctuary is called Feathered Friends Forever, and it's located in Harlem, Georgia. This organization serves exotic and tropical birds like macaws and various types of parrots that don't have anywhere else to call home.

While this spot definitely isn't a zoo, you can visit these beautiful birds and learn more about them. You'll get the chance to witness the birds in their habitats, and you may even get the opportunity to hold them. The staff will give you information about how to handle them to make sure that you and the animals stay as safe as possible.

Don't forget to take pictures, because you're going to want to remember just how beautiful these birds are.

There are some rules you'll want to read up on before you stop by for a visit. Unfortunately, your own pets aren't allowed. You're also not allowed to feed the birds (they have caretakers for that, so don't worry).

Guests are also asked to stick to the public areas for everyone's and the animals' safety. These rules not only keep you safe, but they ensure that the birds in the sanctuary's care stay as healthy and happy as possible.

While you're there, you can sponsor a bird to help it get the care it needs while it's at the santuary, which is a great way to do your part. The santuary also needs a variety of other items to help run the facility, so you can make a donation.

It's also possible to adopt a bird if you absolutely fall in love with one there. The process can be kind of lengthy, but it's definitely worth it if you want a new friend in your home.

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Feathered Friends Forever

Price: $10

Address: 612 Byrd Rd., Harlem, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can meet beautiful tropical birds you won't find anywhere else.