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This Blogger Proves That The Perfect Body Just Doesn't Exist

You've definitely been told before that balance is everything. That weight is only a number, and that confidence comes from inside. If confidence came from having the perfect body 24/7, no one would ever be confident. 

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Anna Victoria, who is a normal 29-year-old girl, became an Instagram star through sharing inspiring messages to her followers. She isn't afraid to show a cheat meal, or that she hasn't worked out in a week because she's sick. She actually changed her lifestyle a few years back because she felt like she was always sick, and never felt right. 

Since she decided to change her life, she also wanted to change the perspective that women have that your bodies are supposed to look perfect all the time. Nothing is ever perfect, no matter how hard we try to make it seem that way. 

Anna wants it to be known that if your ideal body is the one on the left, you need to readjust your expectations. Even models don't look like they do in magazines 24/7. 

Here are 6 realities you need face ASAP: 

1. Your stomach will bloat after eating. Even if you train like crazy and eat a healthy diet, it's completely normal. 

Your stomach will bloat after a healthy meal and a cheat meal, but in order to have balance in your life, you must accept both. 

Anna believes in the 80/20 rule: She eats healthy 80% of the time, and allows whatever she wants the other 20%. 

2. Sorry to break it to you, but you will never look like the girls in the magazines. The girls you see on Instagram do not have those bodies all the time. 

Everything looks better with good lighting and flexing. Remember that. 

3. Like we just touched on, good lighting is everything. You probably don't have cellulite on your arms, but certain lighting can make it look like that. Don't freak out!

4. Even if you're the fittest person, you will still have rolls on your stomach when you sit down. 

5. You don't have to look toned at every angle! Love handles are not an imperfection. 

6. There is no detox tea or magic pill to help you lose weight. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. 

The results from above are from hard work, and 6 months of trying your best! Be realistic with your goals, and be proud of where you are even if the step you took was little. There is no destination when it comes to fitness, it will always be a journey.

So many people rely on the scale to dictate their happiness. I have some advice for you: throw that scale out! Whether you're 105 pounds or 150 pounds, the number on the scale is just there to guide you. But will it change your life and make you happier? Or will healthy changes in your body, mind, and soul make you happier?

There are a ton of 'fitness bloggers' out there that will try and sell you something for their sake. Anna Victoria has guides that are realistic, hard work, and that end with results. When you come to terms that happiness comes from inside of you, your life will start to change. So you missed one day of training for a birthday, or you missed a week because you were sick. So did Anna. And she doesn't lose sleep over it.

Balance is missing workouts and being okay with it, and just making up for it another day. Your body will not transform with one workout or one missed workout. The only thing that matters is that you realize the perfect body does not exist, and once you stop comparing yourself to Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner, your life will change.

Stop thinking you are fat when you see a roll on your body. Stop comparing yourself to those whose jobs are to look a certain way. And stop comparing yourself to anyone but the person you were yesterday. 

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