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This Brand New Product From Lush Will Actually Put You To Sleep ASAP

When you can't sleep, it's hard not to overthink how many hours of sleep you're actually going to get. I'm 100% that kind of person that's like "If I fall asleep now, I'll get 5 hours and 14 minutes. Okay if I fall asleep now, I'll get 3 hours and 3 minutes." It's one of the worst feelings to not be able to sleep when you're so exhausted, have so many racing thoughts, but nothing you do works. Well, Lush launched a new product TODAY that will blow your mind and fix your sleep schedule. 

Deep Sleep is a shower jelly, and it was actually in a product line years ago and the reviews were so great that they decided to put it in the permanent collection! If you're not familiar with shower jellies, basically it's a round jelly shape that you wet and then lather under water. It's used almost exactly like a shower gel, but you don't need a loofa or a wash cloth!

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The ingredients in the Deep Sleep shower jelly is what will put you riiight to sleep. This bright orange jelly is infused with orange juice to cleanse the body, but it has lavender and chamomile oils that will calm you right down. It also has neroli oil which promotes happiness and peacefulness. Can this product get any better?

Of course, it's recommended to use this product in the shower right before bed. Or maybe you want to nap, or just had a long hard day at work. Taking a hot shower is relaxing enough, but add Deep Sleep slower jelly into the mix and your nights will drastically change. 

Via Lush Cosmetics

If you're dying to buy this product just as much as I am, you can purchase it online today and buy it in stores on May 25th! For 100g it's $6.95, and for 240g it's $14.95. That's a steal to make you sleep like a baby each night! You can visit the Lush website here for more information on the product and you can read reviews below to see what a few people had to say about the calming product. 

Via Lush Cosmetics

Via Lush Cosmetics