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This Brave Vancouver Woman Was Seen Leading A Flock Of Geese Through The City And It's Super Badass (VIDEO)

We don't know who this woman is, or how she managed to get a flock of several dozen geese to follow her around, but we're convinced she has magic powers.

A video of the woman, nicknamed "Goose Whisperer," surfaced on Reddit earlier today. In the video, she herds the gaggle of geese near the SkyTrain station in Vancouver at Main and Terminal. 

Via Reddit

The woman gives the birds directions with her arms, and the birds actually follow her across the road to the safer grassy area near Pacific Central Station. It's not clear if she was luring them with breadcrumbs, but the birds refused to leave her side.

The woman waved at passing cars to warn them of the crossing herd, which consisted of two adult geese and at least 20 baby goslings.

Via Reddit

Geese are known to be crazy aggressive, so we're really surprised that they let the woman get so close to them. People on Reddit seem to agree - "I'm convinced she's a geese whisperer if anyone else attempted that, they'd be dead," one user writes.

Via Reddit

As it is, a group of geese this large is a really rare sight. Geese don't often have this many successful offspring, and they don't often venture onto busy city streets. This entire situation is definitely not something you see everyday. 

To see the full video, click here.