Working out sucks. Let's be real here. But don't you want to feel good in your bathing suit this summer? I know I do. 

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This super quick butt workout really works! And the greatest part is you don't need any equipment. This workout is demonstrated by YouTuber Tess Begg, who has serious #bootygoals. You can do this when you're feeling lazy AF, and guaranteed you'll feel the pain the next day. But the good kind of pain!

via @tessbegg

This workout should take 5 to 10 minutes max! You can do this workout right in front of the TV, expert multitasking. 

Here is what to do! However, you can watch the full video at the end for a more in depth look at the movements. 

1. 15 standing kickbacks (repeat on the other leg)

2. 15 leg circles, from front to back (repeat on other leg)

3. 15 Romanian deadlifts (repeat on other leg)

4. 15 small squats, focus on squeezing your glutes the entire time 

5. 20 side lean squat 

6. 15 lateral side kick (repeat on other leg)

7. 15 lunge kick backs (repeat on other leg)

8. 15 donkey kicks (repeat on other leg)

9. 15 bridges 

10. 15 bridges + lateral rotation 

Great job!