If you aren't used to it, camping can be quite inconvenient. But what if we told you that you could wake up to the prettiest sights in comfort? With this camper van rental in Seattle, you totally can! This RV isn't just affordable, but it's like a luxury Airbnb on wheels. 

Seattle Campervans handcrafts the ultimate vans particularly to explore and conquer the Pacific Northwest and its beautiful terrains. 

It only costs $185 per night to rent it. And it fits two people — anyone else thinking of a romantic getaway?

You'd also be surprised what all the cozy, 2017 Ram Promaster Flagship vans are equipped with. 

First up, you won't have to wake up with a stiff back. It comes with a cloud-like, queen-sized memory foam mattress complete with pillows and linens.

There's even a high roof — someone 6-feet tall can stand and stretch with ease. So you won't have to crawl up on the bed to change after a full day of exploring the wet Hoh Rainforest. 

It's even fitted with Yeti coolers so you can store food and keep your drinks chill while on the road. 

If you'd rather whip up a full meal, the kitchenette, with a freshwater sink, is fully outfitted with a single burner propane stove and everything from a cutting board to cutlery. 

The snazzy van also has a foldable camp table and chairs so you can pull-up and picnic anywhere in the beautiful Northwest. 

It's thoughtfully designed with plenty of storage space too, so you can stash everything from 100L expedition packs to suitcases or your skis. 

If you're a photo explorer and worry about charging your cameras (or phones) there are plenty of USB ports built into the house on wheels.  

There's also a power inverter for the laptop (late-night photo editing here we come!)

And the best part? You don't have to wait for sunny climes to do this.

The camper comes with snow tires and chains so you can drive to the white-powdered mountains at no extra fee. There's also a space heater so you can stay warm throughout your trip. 

We can't stop planning a road trip since finding out about this. Maybe you are too?

Seattle Campervans

Price: $185 per night/2-nights minimum

Why You Need To Go: This budget campervan is perfect for that ultimate romantic road trip across the Pacific Northwest and living that #vanlife. 

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These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.