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This Canadian Airport Just Launched A Dog Program To Comfort Stressed Travellers

If flying makes you feel stressed or anxious, perhaps you'll find comfort from man's best friend, right at the terminal.

To help ease the stress of anxious travellers, the Vancouver International Airport has announced its latest initiative, the Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI), an innovative program that has YVR Ambassador Dogs located throughout the airport to provide all airport users with a new way to deal with anxiety associated with travel, work, and general stress.

YVR partnered with St. John Ambulance and their Therapy Dog program to bring seven dogs to their airport for the LASI initiative. The dogs will be available Mondays through Fridays, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m to visit with travellers.

It's important to note that these dogs aren't the same as service dogs and that they are meant to be interacted with. So yes, can pet them.

“We recognize that an airport can be a stressful environment. By introducing the YVR Ambassador Dogs through our LASI initiative (Less Airport Stress Initiative), we hope that our four-legged friends will help to ease any anxiety associated with travel,” said Reg Krake, Director, Customer Care, Vancouver Airport Authority.

“We want all our guests to have a positive experience at YVR and we know the LASI initiative will enhance the airport experience for passengers, visitors, and employees.”

The YVR Ambassador Dogs will be accompanied by a dog handler and YVR Green Coat Volunteer to assist with passengers and any questions they have.

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