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This Canadian City Has Been Plagued By Mysterious Power Outages And Hydro Pole Fires Today

Canadian City had been plagued by mysterious power outages and hydro pole fires and they don't yet know what caused it.

If you have literally been in the dark all day, it's because this Canadian city has been plagued by mysterious power outages and hydro pole fires today. That city is Regina, Saskatchewan, where their hydro company notified customers that several neighbourhoods across the city and in rural areas were without power. 

The outages began this morning at 6:22 AM CST when SaskPower first reported that there was an outage in the Regina General Hospital area, City Centre, Broders Annex, and Assiniboia. In all those cases, SaskPower said that "crews have been dispatched due to a line down, no ETR." 

Fortunately, they were able to provide an updated time that power would be restored as the day went on, but as they were doing that more outages came up. Just before 9 AM CST, SaskPower reported more outages, this time in Regina Rural, Grand Coulee, Pense, Odessa, White City, Vibank, and Copper Sands. 

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Then again at around 11:30 AM CST, they reported two more outages, one in the Regent Park area and another in the Parliament Place area. In both those cases, it wasn't just an outage, but hydro crews were actually dealing with poles that were on fire. 

Crews are busy repairing outages in and around Regina this morning. With 2 damaged structures west of the city, it takes more time to restore the power. For outage updates, check our Twitter and Outage Map: https://t.co/bwIA2pl1cC #SkOutage pic.twitter.com/OgEcEOKodD

March 27, 2019

In every single outage case, SaskPower reports that crews have been dispatched and in some areas, power has even been restored to customers already. However, in some of the outages, especially the more recent ones, SaskPower is reporting that the estimated time of restoration isn't until 2 or 3 PM CST. 

This isn't a terribly long time to be without power, but what could be concerning for residents is that SaskPower doesn't know what caused all these outages across the city today. 

A SaskPower spokesperson told CBC today that it was "too early to speculate as to exactly why this has happened" though they did suggest that it could be weather-related. Nonetheless, the reason behind the outages remains unknown. 

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SaskPower also told CBC it wasn't able to confirm the number of people affected since they don't know where exactly power is out in people's homes unless they get a call about it. 

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