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This Canadian Company Lets You Customize Face Masks Any Way You Want

Partial proceeds go to support the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
This Canadian Company Lets You Customize Face Masks Any Way You Want

We're all in this together. We'll get through this. These are messages of hope that we've been hearing almost daily from our Prime Minister, local politicians, and celebs everywhere. We are getting through it and, with Canada beginning to reopen, we're looking towards a new normal. What health officials suggested just a few months ago no longer applies, and the messaging is clear: we need to protect ourselves and others on the daily. 

On May 20, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, confirmed that face masks are advised when out and about. With the new recommendation and many online suppliers being sold out of masks, you may be wondering where to get your very own personal protective equipment (PPE), and how you can lessen the environmental impact of a commonly disposable item.

Well, good news: you can follow Dr. Tam's advice while supporting local, being environmentally conscious, and showing off your creativity. Dancewear company Hamilton's Theatrical Supply makes costumes for dancers worldwide in non-pandemic times. However, in the midst of COVID-19, they saw a need for locally produced masks and made the switch to high-quality, reusable face masks to help flatten the curve. And thus, Protect Styles was born!


Local and socially conscious, Protect Styles designs non-medical masks in child and adult sizes with adjustable straps and pockets inside for filters.

Plus, these trendsetting masks also have a great impact. A portion of the proceeds from each mask sold by Protect Styles goes to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), funding research, better access to care, and a shared understanding among all Canadians that right now we're "Apart. Not alone." This is an especially important message for individuals suffering from mental health issues and addiction during this pandemic. Purchasing from this Canadian company will help ensure that those who need support at this critical time always have the proper resources at hand.

You can choose from designs that have pugs, cacti, doughnuts, sports teams, and SO much more. You can even design your own! Seriously, an adorable picture of your pet? Go right ahead. A quote you like to live by? No one's stopping you. It's so easy to create a unique mask that you don't even need us to walk you through it, but we will:

  1. Visit 
  2. Click "Design Your Own" at the top right
  3. Select your base: solid colours, ombre, text bubbles, etc.
  4. Once in the design centre, you can add text, upload an image, or connect your Instagram
  5. Resize and rearrange the elements to your liking
  6. Preview your design
  7. Place your order

The finished product? A masterpiece of your own making (okay, art is subjective...) that you probably won't see anyone else sporting at the grocery store. I mean, really, why settle for a plain old mask when you can personalize something fun to show off your style?  

Protect Styles has partnered with corporate companies to outfit frontline workers, too. Popped into a Rexall, Summerhill Market, Canpar, or Metrolinx lately? You likely saw a Protect Styles mask.

If you're wishing your workplace had customized PPE, tell the boss about this Canadian maker. They can add a custom logo and design — plus they offer corporate pricing on bulk orders. Protect Styles ships Canada-wide and is here to help ensure the curve stays flattened. 

At a time when some necessities are in short supply (we're looking at you, yeast), you won't have to worry about Protect Styles running out of masks: each one is made to order, minimizing the chance of selling out. Shop now and get 15% off your first order using the code NARCITY.


Protect Styles' custom, made-to-order face masks 

Price: Starting at $18.95 (use code NARCITY for 15% off your first order).

Where: Online in their webshop. All masks are made locally in Toronto and can be shipped nationwide.

Why You Need It: Wear a mask to protect yourself and others, and support mental health while doing so.


Visit the Protect Styles website to start your custom order. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram