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This Canadian Credit Card Will Save You 3 Cents Per Litre Of Fuel Every Time You Fill Up

Get instant savings and rewards when you get gas!
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This Canadian Credit Card Will Save You 3 Cents Per Litre Of Fuel Every Time You Fill Up

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Petro-Canada have joined forced to create a new loyalty program that allows Canadians to save on fuel and earn points every time they fill up for gas.

RBC clients can now apply to have their Petro-Points cards linked to any of their personal or business RBC transaction cards. By doing this, RBC clients will no longer need their Petro-Points cards as can accumulate points with their RBC debit or credit cards.

Once RBC clients sign up, they will instantly receive the following benefits: 

  • 3 cents per litre in fuel savings
  • 20 per cent more Petro-Points on qualifying purchases made at any Petro-Canada 
  • 20 per cent more RBC Rewards points on the same transactions

The program will allow Canadians to use every RBC card in their wallets to save on fuel and earn points, unlike other loyalty programs which only allow you to do so with a specific card. 

"This announcement is about delivering value to Canadians through a seamless, simple and convenient experience, no matter what type of RBC card they choose to pay with," says Sean Amato-Gauci of RBC. “Our innovative linking experience will provide significant savings and value to more than 12 million RBC and Petro-Canada customers, without requiring them to apply for a specific card."

Interested RBC clients can go to the secure RBC website to facilitate the linking. The form will ask for banking credentials, a Petro-Points card number and an agreement to the program’s terms and conditions. Clients will start receiving fuel savings and loyalty points within two days of signing up.

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