This Canadian Dad Videotaped His 4-Year-Old's Hockey Practice And It's Honestly So Relatable

This Canadian Dad Videotaped his 4-year-old son's hockey practice and it's not only adorable but so relatable.
This Canadian Dad Videotaped His 4-Year-Old's Hockey Practice And It's Honestly So Relatable

Kids say the funniest things. That's why this Canadian dad videotaped his 4-year-old's Timbits hockey practice. He even put a microphone on him so you can hear all the hilarious and ridiculous thing the little hockey star says while on the ice. 

The dad, in this case, is a hockey coach known online as @howtohockey and in real life as Jeremy Rupke. The star of the video is his son Mason who recently turned four-years-old. Mason plays on a Timbits Hockey team. In an effort to figure what the heck his kid was thinking about while out on the ice, Coach Jeremy mic'd Mason up and filmed the entire practice. 

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The result is a hilarious six-minute video. In it, Mason is seen rolling and crawling around on the ice, saying hello to all his friends when he's supposed to be skating, getting lost multiple times, and regularly requesting to go to "badonalds" (which is actually McDonalds) after the practice. The video has even gone viral and has been seen over 1.8 million times on Youtube and another 2.5 million times on Twitter.

It's not surprising either that Canadians are loving the video because it's honestly the most relatable thing ever. 

The video has garnered attention from Tim Hortons who tweeted that it was quality content and also from everyday Canadian who say that Mason is the most relatable person ever. 

“Let’s nap.”He is all of us.

23 February 2019

“I’m not part of this group” is me every day at work

23 February 2019

I’m a 57 year old beer leaguer and I’ve probably said most of those things out there

23 February 2019

Whether it's his love of naps, him being lost, or his general attitude towards the practice people are pointing out how Mason is truly all of us. 

The “let’s nap” part and my legs hurt, that truly touched me. I feel ya kid 😂

22 February 2019

I've said most of those things getting out of bed in the morning. #TheStruggleIsReal

24 February 2019

forever mood

23 February 2019

The tweet has even been picked up by various sports networks like ESPN who were all desperate to share Mason's adorable video on their platforms. 

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It's clear that Mason not only has won the hearts of the internet, but he is a major mood for all of us.