We’re living in unprecedented times. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a savvy tech start-up, a family man with a medium-sized business, or a director at a large corporation, COVID-19 has impacted us all.

Especially if your business has scaled or closed temporarily, but you're still paying full price for certain key services.

Financially, emotionally, and physically, businesses and individuals are looking for a way to take a breath, slow things down, and help their community in any way possible. 

In many ways, the current crisis has brought out the best in people and corporations, extending a helping hand to those who have been affected.

These initiatives have not gone unnoticed. From people in cities distributing free face masks to overarching services provided by companies such as Telair, people are looking to help in any way possible. 

In order to help Canadian businesses who are now closed or working remotely, Telair has launched a free phone relief service to help them cut back on their operational expenses.

Instead of paying the full price for phones that are no longer in use, this service will help alleviate that expense and allow companies to communicate with their customers in a new way. It’s innovative and makes perfect sense!

For a limited time, Telair is providing companies with a FREE phone number parking service.

This will allow phone numbers to stay active with a voicemail to keep callers informed.

The service lets businesses receive their voicemail and text messages directly to their email - a new way to keep constant contact with their customers. Even better, this relief service is absolutely free for the first 6 months from sign-up!

If you're a business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t miss out on this amazing initiative. Claim your free service today on Telair’s website!