It’s getting towards the end of May, which means that summer is just around the corner. Well, at least that’s how it is for most of us. 

For this province, on the other hand, winter still has an icy grip on things it seems because it’s about to get walloped with a massive snowstorm. 

So, where is this?  

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Newfoundland, specifically the northeast coast of the province where as much as 30 cm of snow is expected to fall. 

This is all supposed to happen starting this evening and through the overnight period. 

The good news for anyone who lives there is that the snow is expected to melt quickly on account of the fact that it’s, well, May.  

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The spring temperatures will make sure that snow is gone in no time at all. 

This isn’t that uncommon in the area actually, there are lots of recorded snowfalls in Gander Newfoundland in the month of May and even into June as well sometimes.  

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Hard to believe there are actually parts of Canada still getting snow at this point in the year though. 

Let’s all be glad we don’t live there. 

And if you do happen to live there, man, do the rest of us all feel really sorry for you.

Source: Global News