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This Canadian School Just Pulled The Most Epic April Fool's Prank On Their Students

Quebec school pranks students by banning cellphone use on April Fool's Day.

If you didn't already know, it's April 1st, which means it's the ultimate day to prank everyone that's gullible around you. One Canadian school made sure to pull the ultimate April Fool's prank on their students and the story is so hilarious.

In a shocking and totally epic prank, the Quebec school, Cégep de Limoilou, announced today via Facebook that they were banning all cell-phone use in classrooms on campus. If you're currently a university student, then you know this is probably your worst nightmare. 

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The Facebook post was a statement issued by the school stating that management will be banning cellphone use inside classrooms starting today. If you're a student in 2019, you know that this was not going to fly. 

The statement begins, "Inspired by the Ontario government's plan to ban cell phones from classrooms, Cégep Limoilou is pushing the idea and deciding to act as a forerunner of higher education institutions in Quebec by introducing this measure on its three campuses, from today.

Starting this morning, students will be subject to a new regulation: before entering class, they will have to leave their mobile phone in the new nets provided for this purpose in the corridors."

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It looks like students have caught on and realized that something smells a bit fishy here. Students in the comments have definitely figured out that this was an elaborate prank put on by the school's administrators. 

Initially, the prank was so simple that it just worked. Students really believed that the school has actually implemented a new cellphone ban throughout campus. Literally all of our worst nightmares. Luckily, it was all a prank.

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This isn't the only prank that Canadian officials have conjured up across the country. Earlier today, BC RCMP officers confirmed that a brand new "Cat Police Service" team would be implemented in the province to help fight against crime.

Shortly later, Justin Bieber pulled the most ultimate April Fool's Day prank by convincing millions of fans (and celebs) that he and Hailey Baldwin were pregnant with a baby. They posted a slew of photos online convincing everyone that they were 14-weeks pregnant! 

Source: Narcity Quebec - Ariane Fortin