This Canadian Woman Is Giving Her $1.7 Million Home To Whoever Can Write Her The Best Letter

A $1.7 million dollar home in Alberta is set to be given away and all you have to do to win it is write a letter and spend $25.
This Canadian Woman Is Giving Her $1.7 Million Home To Whoever Can Write Her The Best Letter

It's no secret that while the housing market across Canada may be cooling off in comparison to recent years, it's still pretty hard to find a great home that won't cost you a ridiculous amount of money in the process. Meaning that when an Alberta woman decided that she was going to give her $1.7 million house away instead of selling it, it's no surprise that the situation turned a lot of heads.

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The gorgeous home found in Millarville, Alberta is currently priced at $1.7 million after the owner, Alla Wagner claims she needs to downsize due to a back injury and health problems. Though instead of selling the house traditionally, she's holding a contest that will result in the winner only needing to spend $25 and some of their time writing a letter good enough to win Wagner over. The decision came after Wagner felt her home wasn't gaining enough traction on the market. 

Wagner called the competition "Write a Letter, Win a House" and created a page on Facebook that has since been drawing a ton of attention. The letter concept came about so participants have a chance to explain how winning the house will change their life. Wagner explained to CBC News"I want [the winner] to be someone that's going to enjoy the place and is going to love being here and fit in with the neighbourhood." 

The winner won't just get a home in a nice neighbourhood - the three-level house features gorgeous interior design, 2+1 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The 1.1-acre lot is beautiful and has both lake and mountain views.

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In order to make the competition legal and in compliance with the Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Act, Wagner included an entry fee and letter portion to the contest so that it wouldn't be a random draw. These details legally deem the contest to not be an illegal lottery. Wagner claims she chose $25 as the entry fee to "make it more accessible." 

The contest is set to go on for three months but there are a few requirements before the house gets handed off. In order for the contest to move forward in the first place, the amount of contest entry fees (accumulated by participants who spend the $25 to be entered), must reach the listing price of the house. If there are too little of entries, the contest will be cancelled according to Wagner. Though if it is cancelled, full refunds will be administered to people who sent in money to participate. 

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With regard to what will happen with the profit Wagner collects from the participants, she was be donating 5% of the profits to Calgary Women's Shelter and keeping the rest to recoup her loses once the house is given away. 

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To check out the contest for yourself and possibly try your luck, you can visit the Facebook page here! To enter you just have to email your story to

Source:CBC News