Montreal resident Monique Richard just became the first Canadian woman to scale Yukon's Mount Logan, and she nearly died in the process. The 43-year-old is an experienced mountaineer who has climbed the highest mountains on seven different continents including Mount Everest. 

But halfway through her climb Richard thought she saw her life flash before her eyes when she fell into a 50 metre crevice. She managed to cling onto the edge and pull herself up with her skis. Along with the nearly disastrous fall Richard encountered equipment woes and harsh weather. 

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Mount Logan has a reputation for its terrible storms, and Richard detailed her experience of being trapped in a whiteout telling CTV News that she even considered abandoning the climb. "I was afraid of losing my fingers and my toes because it was minus 40 with the wind...but I survived and came back with all my parts," Richard said. 

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Although a female Argentine climber attempted to climb Mount Logan last year she abandoned her mission after facing severe earthquakes and avalanches. Parks Canada notes that no other woman besides Richard has been recorded in their data dating back to the 1800s. 

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Due to technical issues Richard had to be airlifted by helicopter upon reaching the top of the mountain. But Richard is proud of her experience as she plans to write a book highlighting her experience in an effort to encourage people to face the challenges and adversity in their lives.