A Canadian woman who conspired to have her husband killed in 2013 is revealing all the crazy details about why she did it and the story sounds like an episode of Law & Order.  

The Richmond Hill, Ontario woman, Marina Ray, just self-published a book about her experience and the crazy story of why she hired a hit-man to murder her now ex-husband. 

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Ray says that her husband had been lying to her and spending all her money on huge purchases. She also says that he used drugs, froze her bank accounts, and even tried to get half of the money from the sale of her house. On top of all that she ironically also believed her husband and another man were conspiring to have her put in jail. 

According to Ray, she was faced with the threat of losing her home and that caused a mental breakdown which led to her plotting to kill her husband. 

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That is when she reached out to who she thought was a hit-man to begin developing the elaborate scheme. However, this is where the story takes a wild turn because the hit man she hired was actually an undercover police officer. 

The police captured videos of her plotting the murder with the "hit man" and ultimately that is how she got caught. 

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She has also spoken up about her experience with the Canadian prison system, saying that her five months in jail were hell because of a cellmate who kept on talking to her. 

Following that she has been on house arrest for four and a half years. She expects to be sentenced for her crimes by the end of the summer. 

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In all of this, she fully believes she isn't at all responsible for the murder plot based on her mental state at the time and blames York Regional Police for forcing her into plotting the murder. 

Her book recounting the whole story is available on Amazon

Source: York Region