Flamingos are bringing the fun! The island of Aruba features a small private island tucked away off the main coast that has a spot where you can stroll a beautiful beach with flamingos.

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The private island which is owned by the Renaissance Hotel is called the Renaissance Island, and like any island, it features pristine beaches, beautiful palm trees and an array of tropical wildlife. 

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But the island's main feature is it's Flamingo Beach, where guests can stroll the beach with it's six flamingos that are native to the island. 

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The island is just a 8 minute water taxi trip away from the hotel, where alongside the beach you can dine at a bar and grill or pamper yourself at the private spa.

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Day passes to visit the flamingos cost $99 each, which also includes the cost of a lunch including a drink. But these passes are available in limited numbers and are made available at 8am each morning. 

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Luckily for those staying at the hotel, visiting Flamingo Beach is complimentary. A rare but tropically captivating experience to check out!