How many of us haven't actually dreamt of being a Crawley after watching Downtown Abbey? This is why we've scoped out a real-life castle in Washington complete with sprawling gardens, libraries, and lakes that you can rent out and live like the royals. 

Located on the shores of American Lake in Lakewood, the Thornewood Castle has nestled among old firs on four sprawling acres for over a hundred years now.

The best part? You can rent it out for a week, hell, even a month if you'd like!

The Lakeside two-bedroom apartment, where six people can stay, will set you back $2,500 for a week — that's only $416 for seven days if you split it with your friends. 

You can rent it for $7,000 a month which is only $1,116 per person, which is less than the average cost of rent in Seattle.

While vacationing at the castle, you can stroll around actual English gardens made by the famous Olmsted brothers — the very guys who designed New York's Central Park!

A century ago, pieces from a 400-year-old English castle were ferried all the way from England to build this piece of history

The suite features a kingly living area with gorgeous windows for you to take in views of the sunset over the lake and the grand Olympic Mountains. 

There's a dining area, a kitchen with a microwave, a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher, so you have everything to whip up meals during your stay.

If you'd rather get the royal treatment, you can have butlers deliver meals to your room for an additional cost. 

It also has two bedrooms — one with a king bed, and another with a queen-sized. The living area has a twin-sized pullout bed too, making it the perfect spot for a slumber party! 

You'll even have access to a piano in the Great Hall, a pool table in the Game Room, the Library, and a Movie Room to catch up on a Downtown Abbey marathon. 

The castle hosts lawn games during summers, making you literally come close to living in the 19th century.

Although you'll feel like you're in another time, there's Wi-Fi to keep you connected to the modern world. 

If you need any more reason to stay at the palatial quarters, a Stephen King movie called Rose Red was shot within its walls, and U.S Presidents have stayed here. 

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Thornewood Castle 

Price Per Week: $2,500 for six people

Address: 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can live out your Downtown Abbey dreams in an actual castle for $400 a week!