If you're a fan of all things spooky and find graveyards to be the most fascinating of places, there is a unique cemetery in Florida filled with quirky epitaphs, out-of-the-ordinary tombs, and roaming wildlife. A tour at the historic Key West Cemetery needs to be on your dark and eerie bucket list of things to do in The Keys. And these headstones even come with a little laughter.

You can meander this picturesque graveyard on foot or bike. Along the way, you'll find genuinely hilarious epitaphs, curious tombstones, poems written on the ground, and all sorts of memorabilia left for the departed residents by their loved ones.

Many photos on Instagram show frequent glimpses of iguanas, roosters, and chickens that give the space an unusual atmosphere too. 

The 19-acre cemetery was built in 1847 after a devastating hurricane destroyed the one that used to occupy the area. Currently, it serves as the resting spot of about one hundred thousand people from various origins and conditions.

Bahaman sailors, Hispanic war veterans, Cuban tobacco manufacturers, soldiers, and representatives of almost all races and religions rest there.

You'll find the cemetery located in Old Town Key West.

From all the curiosities you can find in this sliver of spooky Florida, it is the epitaphs that attract more people because they are especially creative and funny.

Among the more popular ones are "I Told You I Was Sick," "Jesus Christ These People Are Horrible," "I'm Just Resting My Eyes," and "If you're reading this, you desperately need a hobby."

These late people clearly had a sense of humor about life and death. You can also read etchings like "I've Always Dreamed of Owning a Small Place in Key West," and even fandom takes over in this one: "Devoted Fan of Singer Julio Iglesias."

Some of the tombstones are also pretty wild. There's one suspended with columns, another in the form of a bench with books, a huge conch shell, or a statue filled with Mardi Gras necklaces.

Wherever you look you can find treasures, pieces of writing, toys covering a child's grave, and even hand water pumps — and one of them even works.

You can wander the cemetery on your own (you'll find a map to guide you at the main entrance) or see its hotspots by booking a guided tour.

When you visit, remember to maintain an attitude of respect as the cemetery remains active and organizes about 100 burials per year.

Key West Cemetery

Price: Free

Address: 701 Pauline St., Key West, FL

Why You Should Go: This nineteen-century cemetery in Key West is filled with quirky epitaphs, weird tombstones, roaming iguanas and roosters. Let's explore! 


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