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This Texas Cabin Has A Treehouse & A Creek Running Through It

There are a lot of great things that come with living in the 21st century. We have tons of conveniences that we sometimes take for granted like Wi-Fi and flushing toilets, but sometimes we just want to connect with our pre-iPhone days and head on our way to the great outdoors. Log cabins are an invention that, to this day, is still the best kind of relaxing retreat. You can head out to the cutest little log cabin in Texas with a treehouse that will take you back in time!

The romantic log cabin is on Smith Creek near Wimberley, TX and it looks like it came straight from Abe Lincoln's time.

The inside of the cozy two-person cabin has a kitchen, a four-poster bed, and even a wood-burning stove.

But there's also a TV, Wi-Fi, and a microwave, so while it might feel like you're back in time, you're really still in 2020, don't worry!

The outside of the cabin has tons of great natural features, including access to Smith Creek, fields of stunning Bluebonnets when they're in season, and tons of cedar trees surrounding the property that are perfect for nature walks.

And that's not all; there are also a ton of other fantastic amenities, like an adorable nature treehouse, a fire pit, and even a hot tub.

Staying in this log cabin can trick you into thinking you're in the middle of nowhere when you're actually really close to downtown Wimberley and have easy access to the stores and restaurants in town.

Whether you feel like staying in and relaxing in the hot tub or going out on the town for some ziplining or dancing, this place is in the perfect location for anything! Head on over here for that local romantic retreat you definitely need.

Get ready to go back in time in the middle of the woods in this super cool log cabin! Pack up a picnic to enjoy in the treehouse and explore all the nature the spot has to offer.

Romantic Log Cabin On Smith Creek

Price Per Night: $140

Address Or Neighbourhood: Near Wimberley, TX

Why You Need To Go: This cute little log cabin will make you nostalgic for earlier times but still has all the comforts we're used to these days!