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This Chattanooga Mountain Has An Underground Cave With Rainbow-Colored Walls

Exploring caves are either really fun and interesting or nerve-wrecking and terrifying. Traveling deep underground is something we need to take advantage of because it is a treasure that not every state has. This mountain in Chattanooga has many attractions, and cave adventuring is one of them. 

Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a one-stop-shop for all of your adventure needs. You can camp, go gem mining and even explore the caves that are in the mountain. 

The caverns are the most popular attraction and Raccoon Mountain gives you two different ways to explore them. You can take the basic tour, or you can take the more difficult one that will make you crawl through dark crevices.

Raccoon Mountain has 5.5 miles of passages underground that you can explore. All the formations in the caves have developed naturally and they are considered to be one of the most geologically active caverns in the South.

There is one section of the cave that has been modified for walking tours and for those that are not into exploring the undeveloped part of the cavers. There are lights, paths and handrails, but it's the only part of the cave that has been modified. 

The Crystal Palace Walking Tour will only take you through the first 1/4 mile of the cave; it is also the only illuminated portion of the caverns. You will descend 130 steps and learn all about the formations and the wildlife that use the cave as their natural habitats. 

The Wild Cave Expedition Tour is for those that want the fully immersive experience of cave exploring. You will go through the undeveloped part of the caves and have to really crawl through muddy and dark spots, so it's not for the claustrophobic.

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If crawling through the darkness for two-hours with only a headlamp to light the way sounds like something you would be up for, this is the perfect spot to live out that adventure. 

Raccoon Mountain 

Price: $35 for Wild Cave & $17.95 for Crystal Palace 

Address: 319 West Hills Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37419

Why You Need To Go: You can go underground to explore a natural cave that has over 5.5-miles of tunnels. 

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