This Coffee Spot Is Offering 50 Cent Hot Drinks If You Bring Your Own Mug

Your favourite neighbourhood snack stop is also a top-notch place to grab a cuppa.

7-Eleven Canada is serving up a piping hot deal to help you save money – and save the planet, too.

Pack your own reusable mug and they’ll hook you up with your next caffeine fix for just 50 cents. This extends to all their hot beverages, including coffees, teas, hot chocolates and cappuccinos.

And if you don’t have a mug on you, you’re still helping out! 7-Eleven has partnered with Restoration Packaging to bring the “Buy This Cup. Plant a Plant” initiative to life. Every hot beverage cup sold equals one new plant in the ground. This helps to offset the environmental impact of single-use cups.

Let’s be real, though: convenience store coffee is generally known for... well, its convenience. But while we’ve all been buying five dollar lattes, 7-Eleven has been establishing itself as one of the best brews in the country.

At least that’s what the experts say. Last year, 7-Eleven took home the Golden Bean Award – an honour awarded to the winner at the largest international coffee roasters competition. Golden Bean judges are essentially the sommeliers of the coffee world. Many of them take over 20 exams over several years to become Certified Q Graders, coming away with a palate that’s fine-tuned for coffee tasting.

The judges evaluate thousands of coffees for flavour, body, taste and balance. So, what were those coffee connoisseurs so jazzed about? 7-Eleven brews their coffee using 100% Arabica beans – a special type of coffee plant that grows at a higher elevation. It’s a premium bean that yields a more complex flavour than other varieties.

7-Eleven coffee beans are ethically sourced, grown in the mountains of Central and South America and Indonesia. They’re hand-picked and then shipped to Canada while they’re still green.

After they arrive, the beans are roasted in ‘small batches’ – a term you might be more used to hearing at your local craft brewery. The method gives roasters more control over the process. Since there are fewer beans, they can watch them more carefully to make sure they’re evenly roasted, and none are burnt. That’s some serious quality control.

Being a chain with stores all over Canada, 7-Eleven has the advantage of a robust distribution system. Freshly roasted beans are delivered to 7-Eleven locations across the country within 36 hours, meaning what ends up in your cup is as delicious as possible. We’re starting to understand what those coffee experts were on to.

There won’t be a barista at the coffee bar to serve you, but you can help yourself to all add-ins free of charge. There are thousands of different ways (yep, you heard that right) to customize your coffee at 7-Eleven’s coffee bar, from flavoured creamers to a variety of different milks and sweeteners. It’s quality coffee, without all the fuss and misspelled names. This fall, you can even indulge your pumpkin spice mania with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (bring your own mug and refills will cost you just 50 cents!).

We’ll leave you with this hot tip: select 7-Eleven stores let you order with Foodora or Uber Eats. Perfect for ordering into the office, or for those days when you’d rather not change out of your pjs.