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This Colorful North Carolina Flower Field Is Opening This Spring & It's Only $3 To Visit

Each day we're getting closer and closer to the beginning of spring. To celebrate the arrival of the sunshine, a special field of flowers will begin blooming, marking a colorful departure from winter. This North Carolina flower field is the ultimate ode to warmer days, but you only have a limited time to experience the beauty.

Dewberry Farm in Kernersville, North Carolina, pretty much has it all — sunflowers in the summer and pumpkins and hayrides in the fall, but their springtime celebration is one to be admired.*

There's a tulip field with around 100,000 flowers that start blooming in the spring. 

Not only can you take pictures in the tulip field for the photoshoot of your dreams, but you can also handpick these beauties to create the most epic bouquet. 

Normally, the field opens towards the end of March, but it all depends on when the tulips decide to stick their stems up towards the sun. 

Your trip to the farm gets even cuter when you come across all the animals, including baby ducks, miniature donkeys, babydoll sheep, goats, and more. 

You don't even have to sweat the cost. Admission is $5 to this springtime haven during the week and he flowers are an additional $1 each.* 

At that price, it's a no brainer. However, you can't wait around for too long, because the flowers are usually only in full bloom for a good two weeks. 

If you want to celebrate springtime in a more unusual way, this pickle festival and this grilled cheese festival are the ways to do it. 

Dewberry Farm

Price: $5 admission, $1 per tulip 

Address: 2585 Dewberry Farm Ln., Kernersville, NC 

Why You Need To Go: It's a springtime oasis of gorgeous flowers and baby animals that only costs $5.* 


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