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This Company Wants To Hire You To Review Luxurious Products And You Can Earn Over $80K

You can earn $80 per year to test fancy cars, private islands and yachts.
This Company Wants To Hire You To Review Luxurious Products And You Can Earn Over $80K

The world's best job is just one click away. The online luxury website HushHush is looking for a candidate to test fancy cars, super yachts, and private islands for $80k per year. If you think you're the right candidate for this position then you can apply at their website here.

The position is titled Luxury Product Tester for full time. If you've ever fancied with traveling the world while earning a salary, then your dreams can come true. There are only a few requirements. The candidate needs to demonstrate a passion for travel, art, and fashion a have a keen eye for the 'finer things in life'.

Also, the candidate must be willing to travel extensively for the role. If you're comfortable with airports and delays, then what are you waiting for to apply?

Via HushHush

The Luxury Product Tester will have to review and produce a thorough report on items such as a jewel-encrusted watch, $60 million superyachts, and $23 million legacy jets. As stated on HushHush's website "candidates will be in direct contact with trusted suppliers, so must also be discrete, sociable and eloquent."

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Via HushHush

HushHush is the 'world's leading luxury shopping marketplace'. If you search their website you can find fashion, jewelry, watch, cars, and even aircraft for sale. 

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The world's best job can be yours. To apply all you need are an introduction and cover letter. But we suggest you go above and beyond in your application.