The BBC announced this morning that The Panda Center at China's Wolong National Nature Reserve might be home to the best job in the world - professional panda cuddler. 

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The nature reserve hires people to dress up in big panda costumes to pose as mama and papa bears, as to limit the amount of "human" interaction. The center hopes to reintroduce the cubs into the wild and therefore does not want them interacting with humans. This way, the cubs are familiar with adult pandas when they are reintroduced to their natural habitats. 

Best job in the world! Cuddling panda cubs - dressed up to help them learn to live without humans 🤗🐼🐾 (ipanda/People's Daily, China)

July 25, 2017

The job isn't all cuddles and sunshine however, as the panda-cuddler must be with the pandas every day of the week in order to build a relationship with the animals. And, pandas like humans have good days and bad days. So there's sure to be times when the bears are not DTC (down to cuddle) and would, you know, rather wrestle or be fed. 

The job is said to pay around $32,000 assuming it meets the same job requirements as another famous panda job-posting. So realistically, you could do a lot worse when it comes to wage. All you need to do is get your butt to China and you could be living your dream job!