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This Cool Washington Hike To Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve Will Take You To A Hobbit House

Whether you've built your own as a kid or escaped to breezy retreats as an adult, one thing's for sure: Treehouses never go out of style. But have you ever been in a stump house? It's a house built in the hollowed-out branch of a ginormous tree. If you haven't, there's a cool Washington hike that'll take you to one. 

Called the "Stump House," this hidden gem is located in Kitsap Peninsula, Seabeck's 184-acre Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve. It's an easy 2.5-mile roundtrip hike that doesn't require an entry fee and is accessible year-round.

The Hobbit house is set up inside a 200-year-old western Cedar stump, complete with a split-shingle roof, windows, and a door! Although no one knows who built it, according to urban legend, an escaped convict called “Dirty Thompson” called it home sometime in the 1800s. 

Once a private estate, getting to this spot is an adventure in itself. There are several trails that'll take you on different quests. You can find the map here

You'll even find yourself strolling on dirt paths and boardwalks through a mossy forest of big-leaf maples. Follow signs for "Margaret Trail" to get to the stump.

Once on it, you can explore a beach with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and Hood Canal. 

While summer brings with it a sea of wildflowers, rain can flood up the spot, making access to the beach difficult. Dogs are not allowed here, and there are no restrooms, so plan accordingly. 

Continue past an abandoned barn (yet another adventure), and when you see the charming Stump House, you'll want to move in ASAP. 

The house is empty, save for a wooden bench, and its interiors are as rustic as it gets, making you imagine that happy animals live inside.

Travelers young and old leave behind curious objects at this spot too, adding to the allure of the place. Be sure to take some memories back though. 

The Evergreen State is filled with unexpected finds, like this trippy school bus near Palouse Falls, whose origins no one knows about. The only requirement to find these? To go outside. 

Guillemot Cove Stump House

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Approximately 2.5-miles roundtrip

Address: 19235 NW Stavis Bay Rd, Seabeck, WA

Why you should go: This easy hike will take you to a charming Hobbit house in the woods 


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