A New Brunswick Man Turns His Boat Into A Free Uber Every Time His Town Floods (VIDEO)

They call him Uber Rob.
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This Darlings Island New Brunswick Hero Helps Residents During Floods (VIDEO)

As temperatures start to rise in Canada, some areas will experience flooding. For the residents of Darlings Island, New Brunswick, this happens almost every spring. The water levels get so high that the road from the island to the mainland gets completely submerged. According to The Weather Network, one resident, Rob Dekany, provides a free water taxi service to the stranded locals. 

This man, nicknamed "Uber Rob," has been using his own boat to help his community since 2018. 

In 2019 the water got up to 16 feet high. Within those few weeks, he made about 845 trips.  

He has become a local hero and receives lots of praise and gratitude from everyone in the area.  

Spring 2020 is just around the corner and so is Rob — ready to help if flooding occurs once again.

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Jade Woo-Giroux
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