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This Washington Ice Cream Boutique Serves Up Spring In A Cup

Plus, it's made out of liquid nitro!
This Delicious Ice Cream In Bellevue Comes With Flowers And Other Creative Toppings

Whether it's flavorful Asian fare or flower-garnished cocktails, we'd be lying if we said we don't whip out our phones for pretty-looking food. But what if we told you that this ice cream in Bellevue, Washington serves creamy treats topped off with real blooms? Yes, it's Instagram-worthy, but it's also like spring in a cup! 

Handcrafted by FogRose, you can find this "boutique" at the Urban Mix Food Hall in Soma North Tower, Bellevue. The desserts cost $4 per scoop, $7 for a double or $10 for three. And it's a luxurious experience. 

Why are we calling it that? Well, they use liquid nitrogen to give it the dreamy texture that you'll be craving for days afterwards.

Although you'll find classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry, you've got to try their signature blueberry lavender, olive oil, quinoa, banana cream, matcha, and mango.

They also have seasonal favorites like rhubarb and pistachio rose. Yum.

You can build it on your own. You can first choose a custard, cream, gelato, sorbet, or chocolate base. You'll then adorn it with "dapper" toppings like dark or white chocolate shavings, chocolate pearls, toasted coconut flakes, meringue, house-spun cotton candy, or even flowers for $1 apiece.

It's exactly as gorgeous as it sounds. 

While you can scoop your frozen desserts into a cup, if you're feeling fancy you can even get a waffle bowl or cone for $2.

Feeling fancier? Add "posh" toppings like honeycomb, chocolate barks or macarons in a rainbow of colors for an additional $2. 

If you can't get enough of the flavor, you can even get a half pint, pint, or even a quart to go!

While this spot might just be dishing out desserts, if you feel like a fancy meal, you can head to their "atelier," filled with creative food and drinks, right around the corner. 

If you can't wait for spring to begin, we'd suggest getting in on this sweet treat. Because is there ever such a thing as a bad time to treat yourself to a scoop (or tub) of ice cream?

FogRose Ice Cream

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: Soma Towers, 278 106th Ave. NE., Ste. A., Bellevue, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can get creative ice creams fashioned with liquid nitrogen and loaded with the prettiest toppings.