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You Can Camp Out On The Shores Of This Dreamy Washington Island For Only $12

Bonus: Hike with deer! 😍
This $12 Island Camp In Washington Is The Perfect Beach Getaway This Summer

Whether it's fishing trips by the lake, mountain hikes to hidden lookouts or barbecuing the night away, summertime nostalgia is real. Although you'll have to wait a hot second for the season, you can start planning a new tradition ASAP. And this marine island camp in Washington is just the spot to get started. 

Part of the San Juan Islands, the 188-acre Jones Island State Park has the prettiest 25,000-foot saltwater shoreline — meaning you can wake up on the beach with endless views of the Puget Sound!

Whether it's on a kayak, motorboat or a pretty yacht, this spot is only accessible by water, making it an ideal summer adventure.

While you can launch either out of San Juan or Orcas Islands, putting the distance between 3 and 10 miles, make sure you pick your transport based on the tides. You'll have to pay a fee to moor your boats upon arrival. 

Although the island has no resident population, you'll find that a family of friendly, black-tailed deer that lives there will welcome you when you dock.

Don't be swayed by their doe eyes and feed them though, it's illegal.

The camping grounds are open throughout the year and can accommodate 24 tents on a first-come-first-serve basis.

It's only $12 for an eight-person dwelling spot, and you can bring along your pooch too. This makes it a popular getaway that gets snatched up very quickly.

If you and your pals decide on the trip, you can call ahead to reserve a group site here.

The park has pit and composting toilets, with drinking water available from April through September. There is no garbage service at this spot, so you pack-out what you pack-in. 

You'll even find firepits, and several tables to host an envious picnic. 

Make sure to pack enough supplies for your stay, or prepare to fish, as the nearest grocery store is on another island. 

The perks of being on a remote island come with no WiFi access. Meaning, you'll have to go back to the basics.

As you take in stunning views of the therapeutic sunsets and maybe the sights of a pod of whales or two, there are also four miles of trails on this marine park to explore.

These will take you through moss-covered forests and a fruit orchard with apples and pears.

It'll then lead you to an untamed, secluded beach where you and your boo can cozy up, and forget the rest of the world. 

While you live up the island life, why not plan your next big adventure? These floating cabins on the prettiest Washington lake fit the bill just right. 

Either way, summer 2020, here we come! 

Jones Island State Park

Price Per Night: $12 per campsite

Address: Eastsound, WA 

Why You Need To Go: You can wake up to stunning beach views at this marine camp in Washington + hike with deer.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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