Cottages are, have been, and always will be a huge part of Canadian summers. And while you might own or rent a property in some form of cottage country, we have a feeling it might be a little different than the one we're about to show you. 

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This property on the edge of Lake Joseph doesn't take up one, but five plots land - totalling at luxurious 7,000 square feet. It's surrounded by 29 acres of land and over 2,000 feet of shoreline, perfect for beach parties. 

The place itself is called Edgestone. Whenever a property has a legitimate name? That's how you know it means business. The interior stylings of the home all touch on a Canadian, rustic wood theme, keeping it humble despite its lavish exterior. 

The cottage contains classic summer-home requirements, like walls of windows and stone fireplaces, while still managing to look luxe and homey at the same time. 

This cottage is stacked with 7 bedrooms and bathrooms, making it the ultimate spot to host friends and family. Additionally, the estate also has 2 guest homes and an insane garage to pack cottage goodies like 4-wheelers, ATV's, boats and more.