You Can See TWO Cascading Waterfalls On This Very Short 0.6-Mile Hike In North Georgia

Georgia is filled with fun activities to do throughout the summer, sometimes you just have to search for them. With the number of outdoor adventures you can go on, you are bound to find a waterfall here and there. This easy North Georgia hike is short and will lead you to a double cascading waterfall. 

You can find Helton Creek Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest right down the road from Helen, Georgia. The trail is less than one mile, coming in at just about .6 of a mile. The best hikes won't make you work for the beautiful features that you came to see. 

 The trail is an easy one, with a few elevation dips as you go down to the falls and back up. You can even bring your dog and they will be able to walk with you with no problem. If you are in the Helen area visiting, this is a great day trip to make with your group to see one of North Georgia's best waterfalls. 

As you begin your journey, you will notice that the elevation drops as you walk down to the valley where the waterfalls are. This trail is so short that you will walk for a few minutes and you have reached the falls. 

You'll reach an overlook platform that gives you a great view of the upper area of the falls. This is the larger of the two cascades, so you will for sure want to stop and see this one even if you can't get into the pool of water at the bottom. 

You will be greeted by wooden stairs that will take you down to the lower part of the falls when you are done taking in the upper part. This is the fun part of the entire hike. 

The water is more shallow here than at the top, so you can get in and cool off. If you have an ENO or a hammock, this is the perfect place to set up because of all the trees that surround this area of the park will provide great shade. 

There are many exposed rocks at the bottom of the cascading falls. This makes for great areas to sit and relax if you do not want to get completely in the water. 

This area does get pretty busy on the weekends, so it is best to go on a weekday. If you do go on the weekends, you should get there in the morning to get a parking spot. 

While you are exploring Helen and the surrounding areas, check out this short hike to two twin waterfalls. This part of Georgia has many outdoor attractions and places to explore and summer is not even over yet! 

Helton Creek Falls 

Price: Free!

Address: US Hwy. 129 S. Blairsville, GA 30512

Why you should go: This short .6-mile hike will take you to two stunning cascading waterfalls. The bottom of the falls has a shallow pool that you can get in to cool off.