You Can Go 'Behind The Scenes' Of 10 Waterfalls On This Easy Oregon Hike

One of the falls is 178 feet tall!
This Easy Oregon Hike Takes You Behind 10 Cascading Waterfalls

Caves and waterfalls are enchanting all by themselves. This trail lets you explore ten of them in a totally unique way. Did you know that you can go behind the scenes of waterfalls on this easy Oregon hike?

Silver Falls State Park offers 9,000 acres of land to explore and some of the state's most impressive day hikes. 

A $5 entry fee will get you inside the park.

To get to the falls, you'll need to take the Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike. This easy 6.9-mile path takes you through mossy caverns and you'll actually be able to stand behind the waterfall.

It's an amazing sight to see and sound to hear.

Since you're bound to get wet on this hike, make sure to bring a waterproof hooded rain jacket, shoes to keep you dry, and a dry bag for your camera, phone, and other accessories. 

Chances are, you'll want to take plenty of pictures throughout the day.

While the park is open all year long, the best time to visit is spring when the waterfalls are full and wildflowers are blooming.

All throughout your hike, you'll catch gorgeous glimpses of Silver Creek and get to see falls ranging in height from 27 feet to 178 feet tall!

There are plenty of benches to stop and take in the jaw-dropping views. Where else can you see ten massive waterfalls all in one day trip?

If you're looking to stay a while, renting out a campsite or staying at the local Silver Falls Lodge are also options. 

Who's up for a sunrise hike?

Whether you're looking to plan a fun day trip hike outside the city or experience a hidden jewel of the Pacific Northwest that's far from the place you call home, Silver Falls State Park is the place to be.

Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike

Price: $5 day use entrance fee

Location: Silverton, OR

Why You Should Go: This trail takes you behind ten pouring waterfalls.


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