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This Brand New Spot On Georgia's Coast Will Serve Edible Unicorn Cookie Dough In October

When you buy cookie dough at the store with the intent of making actual cookies, you only succeed half of the time. We all snack on the little squares of delicious dough instead of the actual baked cookie. Our parents would constantly yell at us and tell us we would get sick if we ate it, but that seems to be a myth. Lucky for us, edible cookie dough is the new up and coming dessert item and it is to die for. Now you'll be able to eat edible cookie dough in Savannah this October without the tummy ache scare. 

Dough Savannah will be opening on Oct. 2 and it will be an edible cookie dough cafe. You will be able to get cookie dough in cones, bowls and stacks. You can bring your parents to this location and show them what they have been missing all these years, without the fear of getting sick. 

Just when you thought this place couldn't get any better, it will also have fresh, hand-spun cotton candy that will come in more than 50 flavors! You can get flavors like Blue Raspberry Rosé that is very unique for cotton candy. 

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There is a Dough in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and it was so popular they had to bring one down to the South. This is the first of its kind on the coast of Georgia, and we are sure it will not be the last. 

The location up north serves more than 16 different flavors of dough. Here, you might be able to find flavors like brownie Oreo, Nutella chocolate chip, cake batter and lemon blueberry. 

The most unique, and aesthetically pleasing, flavor might have to be the "Unicorn Magic." This dough is said to taste like a strawberry flavored pop tart with vanilla frosting. The color is pink, purple and blue swirled all together topped off with edible stars. 

You will have a few choices of how you want your dough served up. You can get it in a plain cup, a waffle cone and even in between two baked cookies. 

If cookie dough does not tickle your fancy, then you can get actually baked cookies or ice cream instead. Savannah also has a candy paradise that is located right down the road from this cookie dough location. You can satisfy your sweet tooth even more with over 500 different candy options. 

While you are in the city, you must go to the smallest liquor store in the world to grab a drink after your cookie dough consumption. 

Dough Savannah 

Price: 💸

Address: 7804 Abercorn Extention, Savannah, Georgia

Why You Need To Go: This location will serve up edible cookie dough that you can get in cones, bowls and even in between two cooked cookies. 


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