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This Colorful El Paso Shop Has The Craziest Mexican Treats In The City

Filling up on desserts is one of the greatest things in the world. Big or small, unique desserts are always a must. If you're looking for unique Mexican treats in El Paso you're in luck because Snack Attack has tons of options.

They are most famous for their seasonal desserts which include massive watermelons cut in half and filled with tons of Mexican candies. Some of those candies include gummies, lollipops, and nuts. They also carry several flavors of chamoyadas including vanilla, pineapple, grape, and coconut. If you're feeling a little sweeter, the shop offers crepes with strawberries and ice cream. When in the mood for something crunchy you can order any number of your favorite hot chips drizzled in cheese and chili powder.

Sweet treats are not out of the question since they have churros made into sundaes with ice cream, whipped cream and even a cherry on top. While they carry tons of amazing and wild treats they do offer tradition great treats such as Elote soaked in all the usual favorites.

Snacks start around $5 and work their way up depending on the snack you choose and the size. If you like having your treats with a view, you can take your delicious snacks to Scenic Drive to get the perfect view of two countries. 

The shop is open from noon to 10 p.m. every day of the week. El Paso has tons of great things to see and scenic hikes to take, but no one would blame you if you stopped at this shop of an amazing snack.

Snack Attack is located at 2301 Tierra Este Rd #104, El Paso, TX 79938. For more info on the shop and to see what seasonal treat they come up with next, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Snack Attack

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address: 2301 Tierra Este Rd #104, El Paso, TX 79938

Why You Need To Go: This shop has tons of amazing Mexican treats that are super filling and absolutely delicious.

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