It's that time of year where the winter blues are setting in again. The merry feelings of Christmas, light festivals, and markets has passed and all we're left with is lots of darkness and lots of cold weather to look forward to. This is about the time of year where most of us start hibernating until spring rolls around. 

But this brand new treetop park will definitely get you out of your winter funk! Imagine going on a breathtaking hike in the skies! You can experience that at the Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens which just opened up to the public this past October. 

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The Whiting of Dow Gardens is actually the longest canopy walk in all of the United States! It's located just across the border in Michigan State which is about a 5-hour drive from Toronto and a 3-hour and 15-minute drive from London. 

The Canopy Walk has 3 'arms' that end in stunning viewing platforms that make for amazing shots. It's open year-round so you can go in the prettiest seasons of the year which are obviously fall and winter! The Canopy Walk sits 40 feet above the ground and spans 1,400 feet throughout the treetops. 

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Visitors can walk, climb and jump through cargo nets set up along the treetop course. There are also glass floor viewing platforms and unique pods that offer gorgeous views of the marshy ponds, apple orchard, and forest spruce trees! 

It costs $10 for adults to enter the Canopy Walk but visitors also have the option of paying $20 for an annual pass so you can come back every season if you want! The entire Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens sprawls 54 acres of woodlands, ponds, an apple orchard, meadows, and a bubbling stream to explore while you're there! There's also a Whiting Forest Cafe located on-site so you can enjoy some coffee and lunch after your treetop trek.

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Check out their website for more information!