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This Epic Drone Video Of Drake's Majestic Toronto Mansion Will Give You Chills

Iconic home designer Ferris Rafauli posted an unbelievable video of Drake's Toronto mansion being built.
This Epic Drone Video Of Drake's Majestic Toronto Mansion Will Give You Chills

Ferris Rafauli - the mastermind behind Drake's massive Toronto mansion - posted a drone video on Instagram that shows just how unbelievably luxurious it really is. The home is reportedly valued at $6.7 million, and is located in the city's ultra-upscale Bridle Path neighbourhood.

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Drake posted a photo of the initial construction phase on Instagram over a year ago. From Rafauli's video, we can see that a lot of progress has been made since. 

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According to the CBC, the home boasts an NBA-sized basketball court, a "jersey museum," two bars, two saunas, an indoor pool, a massage room, a gym, a screening room, and a room dedicated entirely to his music awards. The palatial mansion is pretty much the epitome of Rap God royalty. 

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The video cuts between Rafauli hard at work on the home's design, and panoramic shots of the home's enormous exterior being built. Accompanied by the instrumental version of "God's Plan." Seriously, it's physically impossible not to get goosebumps while watching this video. 

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Drake liked Rafauli's video, and is undoubtedly anxious for his dream home to finally be complete. Drake captioned his original photo, "Manifested this one from time." Based on the room-by-room description, it's clear that Drake has had this vision for quite some time.

SourceFerris Rafauli "FR",  CBC