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This Fake FRIENDS "Movie Trailer" Is So Epic That Fans Are Freaking TF Out

It's the movie you didn't know you needed. A YouTube channel called Smasher recently uploaded a video with the description, "The One With The Reunion." Any and all FRIENDS fans know that 'the one with' is the show's signature for any of their hundreds of incredibly successful episodes. The video was posted just 11 days ago and has already gotten 56 million views on different sites around the world. 

The trailer, which is incredibly done, features all 6 FRIENDS - Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. The video features each cast mate portraying their character from the iconic 90's sitcom as they reunite in different life situations. 

The trailer is described as taking place shortly after the series finale of FRIENDS, detailing that "Ben and Emma are grown up, Mike and Phoebe are having marriage troubles, Monica and Chandler are divorcing, Joey can’t find love, and Ross and Rachel haven’t been together for many years." 

While incredibly convincing, the trailer has since been outed as a fan project, with clips from the actors t.v. and movie appearances throughout the years. While our dreams are basically crushed, all hope isn't lost for our famous friends to reunite -especially since execs can see the mass hysteria caused by the fake trailer. 

Lisa Kudrow was quoted in an interview earlier this year saying, "It would be great [if it happened]. It would be a lot of fun. But even just from a logistical purpose, it would never work because everyone is on a totally, ridiculous work schedule, that's the opposite of someone else. It's even impossible for us to get together for dinner, it's really hard. It's six people, how easy it is for you to get six of your friends together?" We get it, we get it Lisa. 

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