You Can Rent 'Floating Cabins' On The Prettiest Washington Lake Ever

You can only get there by boat!
This Floating Lake Cabin Rental In Washington Is The Perfect Summer Getaway

Staying someplace isn't just for the accommodation anymore. It's a whole experience that'll have you and your pals talking. If you're on board with that, then here's a treat for you. There's an envious lake cabin rental in Washington that'll have you dreaming of summer. 

Sitting pretty on the western side of Ross Lake's emerald-green waters is the Ross Lake Resort. This picturesque site also overlooks the snowcapped North Cascade mountains

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These drifting homes are available to rent between June and October every year.

The spot is one of the hottest stays in the Evergreen State and requires you to make a reservation a year in advance. You can get on the waitlist on their website, which we recommend you do ASAP.

It was originally built in 1952 for workers logging the area but it's now a sought-after spot for a lake getaway. 

Built on 60-year-old logs, these lodges can hold between four to 10 people and they cost $220 to $400 a night, making it the ideal retreat for you and your squad. There's a two-night minimum stay, so it's sure to be an adventure. 

Getting here is an experience in itself because the only way in is by boat.

You can either drive to the Diablo Dam, park at the designated spot and board a ferry that runs twice daily for $20 per person, or you can hike the Ross Dam Trail and then hitchhike on a boat for $3 per person. 

The cabins' warm wooden interiors are fully furnished with gigantic windows to take in views of the unique landscape during your stay.

They come with a kitchen, electricity, hot water, cooking essentials, beds, towels and shared propane grills too.  

There's no Wi-Fi here, so going back to the basics is the way to go. 

Make sure you pack enough food for your stay as there are no restaurants or stores nearby either. You'll even spot people reeling in fish and grilling them straight up. 

You can hold hands with your boo or sunbathe on the deck, cannon-ball into the water for a swim or even rent kayaks, canoes or motorboats starting at $60 a day. 

After attaining ultimate relaxation at this spot, if you're still up to see something magical, why not head to this waterfall that turns purple? It's only a 14-minute drive away. 

Either way here's to more water vacays ahead!

Ross Lake Resort

Price Per Night: $220 to $400

Address: 503 Diablo St., Rockport, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can stay in a floating cabin on the prettiest lake in Washington and wake up to amazing views of the North Cascade Mountains.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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