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You Can Hike Under The Moon and Stars At This Free Event In North Georgia Next Month

Usually, you wake up really early to get your day started when you know you are going for a hike. Trying to beat the heat and the crowds is key when going on a popular trail in Georgia. This specific hiking destination in the north part of the state offers moonlight hikes which make for a totally different experience than you ever have had before. 

Pine Mountain is located in Cartersville which is north of Atlanta. You might be familiar with this area because of the drive-thru zoo that is there, but there are great trails as well. Cartersville is known for Allatoona Lake and the Etowah River Valley, which you will see on this trip. 

Pine Mountain is offering moonlight hikes starting on August 15. These events are also free to attend. Each month, there will be one of these events, so keep up with their website to make sure you attend at least one. 

Your hike is guided, so you will not just be wandering through the dark woods on your own. The entire trek is only 1.57-miles. You will get a little bit of a workout, as well as walk through the woods under the moon. 

Even though this is a shorter hike, it is a bit challenging because you rise in elevation. At the end of the trail, before you turn around and head back to the trailhead, you will reach an overlook that everyone comes to see. 

The David G. Archer Summit Overlook looks over the lake and you can see all the lights that surround this area. At this point, you are 1,562 feet above sea level. The moonlight will shine on the water and it will be too pretty to even believe. 

The website suggests bringing a flashlight so you can see exactly where you are stepping. The hike departs at 7:30 p.m. and returns around 9:30 p.m. This gives you and the group you are with time to enjoy your hike without feeling rushed. 

The hike could be canceled if the weather is acting up, but there are plenty of opportunities in the fall months to go on this adventure. 

Moonlight Hike on Pine Mountain 

Price: Free!

 Address: Pine Mountain Trail-West, Cartersville,GA30120 

Why you should go: This free hike takes place at night and you will be hiking up to an overlook of Cartersville and Allatoona Lake. 


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