If you've ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city, soon you'll be able to run away for a few days and live out your bohemian dreams with some of the trippiest hippies in the peach state. This Georgia "Burning Man" celebration in October is a festival, party, and transformative experience all wrapped into one. You'll come in as one person and leave completely new. 

You might be tempted to solely label Alchemy Burn as just another festival, but it's so much more; it's a community, or miniature city, that comes together for just a few days to celebrate life. It's all about letting the negative vibes go up in smoke and becoming the person you've always aspired to be. 

As the name implies, it wouldn't be a burn without fire playing a huge role in the festivities. A largescale effigy will go down in flames at the conclusion of events, along with the fire dancers and fire acts you'll be in awe of. If you're a fan of Imagine Festival, you'll have a broad idea of what to expect. 

Unlike the large-scale festivals found within Georgia that have local vendors selling food and drinks, vending is strictly prohibited at Alchemy Burn. It's solely a volunteer-run event.  Don't bother bringing your wallet (so you don't inevitably lose it) and because money won't pass through anyone's hands during any of the four days. 

There are themed camps on the fairground that will provide you with all your partying needs. You don't need vendors when there's an on-site bar, dance rooms, hookahs, tarot readings, flower crowns and seemingly hundreds of more options. 

While you'll be provided so much during your time there, bring the food, drinks, a tent and whatever else you need for a good time. 

If you want to be part of this once in a lifetime experience, it's crucial that you live by the ten principles. Some include gifting to attendees (yes — random strangers will probably give you gifts), radically expressing yourself, and leaving no trace behind of the incredible time you've had — AKA you better clean up after yourself. 

Tickets go quick, so if you're not waiting at your computer during the select times that tickets are released, you'll miss out. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and watch all your worries go up in flames. 

If you're looking for more ways to let your inner, carefree, freak flag fly, you can march in this epic Halloween parade in Athens. 

Alchemy Burn 

Price: $135.79 for a four-day pass

When: Oct. 3-6

Address: Fairburn Campbellton Rd., Fairburn, GA 30213

Why You Need To Go: This is so much more than your typical festival — what you get in return for what you pay is unheard of.