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This Georgia Bakery Creates These Too-Good-To-Be-True Plant-Based Cinnamon Rolls

It's basically guilt-free indulgence.

Cinnabon used to be the hallmark where all our sugary dreams would come true, but there's a new gourmet cinnamon bun bakery that's currently gunning for our hearts. Cinnaholic, with three Georgia locations, is crafting up some of the most delicious cinnamon buns that are 100 percent plant-based

If Cinnaholic sounds familiar, you might've seen the founders, Florian and Shannon Radke, on Shark Tank. Investor Robert Herjavec bought a stake in their business on-air, which the couple initially accepted but later denied after their episode. Even without the Shark Tank mogul's help, Cinnaholic is thriving now more than ever. 

These drool-worthy buns are proving that veganism is tasty and within-reach. Every product and bun is 100 percent dairy-free. You probably wouldn't even know that every product is plant-based initially, but knowing makes every bite a bit sweeter. 

Customers start off with a standard, fresh bun that they can adorn with one of the 20+ frosting flavors like amaretto, cream cheese, marshmallows and maple. If you're feeling indecisive, you can choose multiple flavors for an additional charge. 

Next, you top your creation off with Oreos, pie crumbles, brownie bites or one of the other 20+ toppings. It's truly a new experience every time you walk in the door; there are so many customizable options. Add fruit to make it even more guilt-free. 

If you want to take your cravings to a whole new level, you can order a Cinnacake with one frosting flavor and five toppings. Whatever special occasion is coming up, remember this is the cake you need in your life. 

Outside of cakes and cinnamon rolls, they offer edible cookie dough, cookies and brownies available to purchase. Basically, Cinnaholic has all your sweet tooth cravings covered. 

The icing on the cake (or rather buns) is Groupon is running a special for $10 worth of credit for $5. That's basically two dreamy cinnamon rolls for the price of one, only good for the Atlanta location. 

Cinnaholic and several other Atlanta-based dessert shops are serving up the confections of your dreams if you just follow this map. 

Cinnaholic Bakery  

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address: 1230 Caroline St. NE., Ste. B110, Atlanta, GA 30307 and 140 W. Broad St., Ste. 222, Athens, GA 30601

Why you need to go: You don't need to feel guilty about stuffing your face with these plant-based buns.