Spooky season is approaching, and the most integral part of celebrating the holiday is going to a haunted house. As we get older, our expectations of haunted houses rise, and we're looking for the most terrifying. One Georgia haunted house is as thrilling as the scary movies and it's the most terrifying haunted house in the entire state.

Walking into Fear The Woods is like being dropped off inside your favorite psychological thriller. The scares are on par with this asylum escape room and escaping this cabin in the woods. The one special twist is that all the action at Fear The Woods takes place outdoors on a farm. If you want to be completely immersed in an apocalyptic world, they have the perfect haunt for you. 

If you think you've got what it takes to survive the apocalypse, Fear The Woods will put you to the test. In their "Pandemic" adventure, you're tasked with containing a pandemic that's raging through the field. You'll encounter severed limbs, zombie-like monsters, toxic waste and more during this live-action adventure. 

You're armed with a gun, but will that be enough to keep you safe from what lurks in the darkness? Bring your running shoes, because you're guaranteed to get spooked and take off. You get a literal breathtaking adventure for only $20.

If Pandemic isn't enough to get your adrenaline pumping, there are two other experiences and you can experience all three for $35. 

While the other two experiences aren't a first-person simulation game, you'll still leave with your heart racing. You'll still be in the field, but also traveling through rooms that look straight out of a horror film. You even start the adventure being transported on an eerie bus to set the mood.

Fear The Woods opens its doors to the bravest of souls on Sept. 27. The best part all ladies get their tickets half-priced at the door. 

Now only one big question remains: will you make it out alive? 

Fear The Woods

Price: $20-35

Address: 3565 GA-155 N., Stockbridge, GA 30281

Why You Need To Go: This adventure feels so real that you'll feel like you're in a legit scary movie.