Georgia has so much nature for you to love, but the best thing about this state is that summer really doesn't end until November. We can enjoy the sunshine and amazing weather much longer than other states, which means we can also go outside and enjoy swimming even longer. You and your friends should definitely get out of the city for this clear water river in Georgia that is a beautiful shade of emerald green. 

Jacks River Falls is in the Cohutta Wilderness near Blue Ridge, Georgia. Whether you're an experienced hiker or looking for a new adventure, the journey to the Jacks River 80-foot waterfall is a moderate hike for just about anyone.

The Cohutta Wilderness is the largest wilderness in the Southeast at 37,000 acres and lies just east of the Mississippi River. The Wilderness is split by Jacks River and Conasauga River so you'll have all the views while you start on this 9-mile hike.

The hike actually begins in Tennessee at the Beech Bottom Trailhead at a dropped level in the Wilderness. The trail drops even lower into descension while crossing the Georgia border only 0.25 miles later. Around the second mile, you'll come across a canopy with amazing shade near a small creek. This is a perfect place to take in some views and snap a few pics. 

The Beech Bottom Trail will climb and stay firm in its elevation around 2.3 miles. At this point you'll most likely hear the waterfall's rushing waters nearing in your journey. Around your 3.9-mile marker, you'll come to large rocks that will be perfect for another short break for a bit of sun tanning in the middle of your hike.

You'll cross into the Jacks River Trail and start to see the fall's cascading from its rocky top around 4.35 miles. The waterfall drops into the clear waters of a mossy riverbed, making the water appear to be a bright emerald green pool. 

While there are many twists and sharp turns on this hike, it is completely dog-friendly, so bringing your furry bestie is encouraged. The pups need sun too!

Your hike will complete once you depart Jacks River Falls and return back to the Beech Bottom rail toward the trailhead. This is an amazing hike that has views, lush forests, an amazing waterfall and a colorful river for you to step into. You just have to witness it for yourself to see all this nature beauty. 

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Jacks River Trail & Falls 

Price: Free!

Address: Cohutta Widerness near Blue Ridge, Georgia 

Why You Need To Go: The 9-mile hike is perfect for all levels of hikers. It leads to a emerald green pool of water and an 80-foot waterfall. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.