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This Girl Tried $278 Worth Of Concealer And Here Is The Best

It's available at the drugstore!
This Girl Tried $278 Worth Of Concealer And Here Is The Best

Don't you feel like everyone has bright, shining under eyes and you're the only one who looks like you haven't slept in years? Because same. No matter how much sleep you get, you still get comments that you look tired. Well, I didn't leave my apartment all weekend and slept the whole time. So, not exactly tired.

It seems like diet, supplements, exercise, NOTHING helps your dark under eye circles. Even the most expensive concealer that every beauty guru on YouTube raves about still leaves your eyes looking like a huge black hole. We all get it.

If you're tired of extra coverage foundation, concealer and baking not fixing anything, I got you. I came across an article on Refinery 29which is a popular beauty site, about how the editor conducted a very interesting experiment by trying a wide variety of concealers to find the best one. Of course, most of us can't drop $278 to try them all. So if you just want to spend that much or read the entire journey, we'll get straight to the point.

According to the editor, Michaela Rollins' research, the best product on the market for overcoming dark under eyes is NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer. Yes, a drugstore product won! According to her article, the product filled the under eyes very nicely, the coverage is amazing and the skin under the eye does not become dry. She ended up giving this NYX product a 10/10 and says it stays on great for 12 hours.


Even better? This drugstore product goes for only $8 and it comes in 19 different shades. So no matter who you are or what your skin tone is, this gem of a product will most likely work for you!

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