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This Gorgeous Swiss Village Wants To Pay Young People $32,000 To Live There

Young people only 😍
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This Gorgeous Swiss Village Wants To Pay Young People $32,000 To Live There

If you ever wanted to live in a quaint town in the mountains, the time is now.

One village in the Switzerland needs you. In fact, it needs you so much that it's willing to pay you thousands of dollars to live there. No, this is not a joke.

The Swiss village of Albinen will be voting on an initiative that would offer non-residents 25,000 franc ($32,000) to live there. Have children? Bonus! You could be paid $10,000 franc (nearly $13,000) per child, according to the town’s newsletter, as translated by The Local.

Where's my passport?

The best part though is that, in trying to restore the population and failing economy, they're only after young people. Did someone say "party town"?

Many of the people who have been moving away from Albinen are young people - especially families. According to Swiss news agency ATS, the local school had to close after three families moved away. 

So what's the problem? Not much. The small town is beautiful, clean and there's even a nice spa nearby. Of course, being so isolated, there aren't many jobs, but there are bigger towns close by where you can work. And you've hit the jackpot if you happen to be in an industry where you can work remotely.

If you're someone who wants to leave the hustle and bustle of your city life behind - or maybe you just want to live out a Swiss version of The Sound of Music - there are a few criteria you have to meet first. 

Other than agreeing to live in the town for 10 years, you also have to be younger than 45. The house you choose to buy or build in the village must also be worth at least 200,000 francs (about $258,000) and must be your primary residence.

If you move before 10 years is up, you have to pay back the town for their investment in you. But a decade in a picture-perfect Swiss town doesn't sound that bad, does it? Keep an ear out for the next announcement and how to apply, should the initiative go through.

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