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The Guy Who Wore The "Kill The Kardashians" Shirt Just Explained Why He Hates Them So Much

Kendall Jenner ran into this man while running errands.

Yesterday, Kendall Jenner recently ran into a man sporting a "Kill The Kardashians" tank top when she ran out to grab milk.

After Kendall shared the video on the man on her Instagram story, it didn't take long for the image to go completely viral. 

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In the video, you can see a very muscley man wearing a white tank top with a black tank top on top that says "Kill the Kardashians" on it. Kendall seems to be very close or incredibly zoomed in on the man as to avoid his face in the image.

Kendall captioned the photo "popped out to grab some milk". It looks like Kendall was just trying to run her errands when she, unfortunately, ran into this hater. 

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Well, TMZ found out who the unidentified man is and asked him why he's so angry. 

The man in the picture has identified himself as Jason Christopher. He claims that he had the shirt custom made a few years back because he was so angry about the Kardashians wearing fur! 

Jason is a vegan and an animal lover and he was pissed that the Kardashians promoted wearing fur. He claimed that the shirt was his way of protesting the family's values. 

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It looks like he doesn't like Donald Trump that much either. While we were snooping through his Instagram we found this picture of him sporting a "F**k Trump" shirt.