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You Can Sleep In Haunted Rooms At This Old Savannah Hotel

We dare you to book room 204.

If you really want to get the full experience of the most haunted city in the state of Georgia, you have to do all the ghost tours and find the most haunted places. This haunted inn is one of the spookiest places in the entire city. You have to be brave enough to spend the night, no matter what you might hear or see.

17Hundred90 Inn is one of the city's oldest inns. This place was built in the 1800s, and no one is sure why it is not called 18Hundred90. Throughout the inn, you will see antiques from years past. You will also feel an eerie vibe from the dark ambience surrounding the halls and lobby.

The inn is cozy with only 14 rooms. Each room has a king or queen-sized bed, which is nice if you are on a romantic getaway. The rooms also come with a full bathroom, and has furniture that is obviously not from modern time. 

There is a restaurant attached to the inn. If you are not ready to experience the overnight option, you can get a little taste of what it's about by eating dinner there first. The restaurant is a nicer, upscale eatery. It is very intimate with dim lighting and a piano player who is graciously playing in the background. Around you will see vintage chandeliers and hangings on the wall that bring you back in time. 

The restaurant is open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. It has meals like shrimp & scallop scampi, lobster pasta,and New York strip steak. You can expect to pay a little more here because the meals, and place itself, are very nice. 

There are three different ghosts that allegedly occupy this building. Their names are Anna, Thaddeus, and one unnamed spirit who hangs out in the kitchen. They have supposably been here since the 1800s. Many guests and workers have reported instances of having some type of encounter with one of the ghosts. Each room at this inn has a journal and each guest writes in it after their stay, so you can see what they experienced. 

If you are really trying to live on the wild side of things and are a lover of ghost hunts, you must stay in room 204. It is said that Anna jumped from the room window to her death to the brick courtyard while mourning the loss of a loved one. Gives you chills up your spine, right? 

Of course there are many variations of this story as it has been passed down for centuries. Anyway the story is put, the idea is still very creepy. Years ago, to stay in this room, you had to sign a waiver stating you understood you would not receive a refund if you could not handle staying the whole night. 

Because of the uprise in ghost hunting and people reading the history on this place, you do not have to sign a waiver to stay in this room anymore. If you have the guts to stay, you are more than welcome to accept the challenge. Still, there will be no refund if you cannot handle it. 

There have been reports of Anna moving guest's clothes and belongings to different places around the room. She has been known to give you a little nudge in the middle of the night or take your sheets off of you, like what you see in scary movies. 

One couple who stayed a night in the room in 2016, explained that Anna hid their keys, opened up the woman's purse a few times, and would place their medication, out of the bottle, on top of the fireplace.

The rooms at the inn run from $109 a night and up. It all depends on which dates you decide to go. It is worth choosing to stay at this historic inn than your average chain hotel. Plus, you do not get the free spirit encounters at those places.

To keep the mysterious theme of your adventures going, you can go out for the night and try to find this hidden speakeasy. You and whoever that you are staying with must figure out the password before you get there, which makes it even more fun. 

There are plenty of dates available to stay throughout the next few months. This is definitely the hotel to stay at if you are an adrenaline junkie, ghost lover, or skeptic. If you take some photos, do not be surprised if you see a few orbs floating around in them. 

17Hundred90 Inn

Price: $109+

Address: 307 E President St, Savannah, GA 31401

Why you should go: You might have the opportunity to see spirits wandering the halls of the inn, or hear weird things through the hallways. 

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