Louisiana is known as party central to some, but it also houses some of the most unique nature havens, full of lush greenery as far as the eye can see. You can get your fix of Mother Nature at this massive, ancient botanical garden in Louisiana that dates as far back as 2500 B.C. 

Jungle Gardens is a completely different world compared to the rest of Louisiana because it's situated on a salt dome called Avery Island. Native Americans even called this "island" home as far back as 2500 B.C.

Present-day, this peaceful slice of heaven has attracted an array of exotic flora and fauna, both native and non-native (including bamboo).

With a wide array of exotic plants also come animals, and they will all be at your viewing disposal. Jungle Gardens is also known as Bird City, mainly due to the thousands of snowy egrets that call the gardens home. 

The different aspects of the landscape, including marshes, house wildlife like bears, armadillos, and otters. 

You'll feel like you're traveling back and forth between several continents during your trip, especially when you enter the Asian gardens. There's a shrine dedicated to 900-year-old Buddha, where you'll feel a massive shift of energy in the air. 

With 170 acres to explore, it's pretty impossible to capture everything in one trip. To make it easier, you can drive your vehicle around and stop as needed to further explore. 

It's about a two hours drive from New Orleans to get here, but if you want to experience nature a little closer to home, book this interactive swamp tour or hop aboard this scenic train ride to California

Jungle Gardens

Price: $8

Address: Hwy. 329, Avery Island, LA

Why You Need To Go: This garden paradise gives you an abundance of reasons to explore it.